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A-Z of Plant Care

At Plant & Deck we don’t just want to help you find the perfect house plant to take home with you, we also want to ensure that it thrives in your home, living a long and healthy life. Knowing how often to water your plants, where to place them and what kind of conditions they prefer is vital in achieving this aim.... continue reading about plant care

Adam Pits' Vinyl Record on Wooden Decking

Adam Pits: Synthetic Serenity Review

We had the honour of hosting the launch party for Synthetic Serenity, Adam Pits’ second album on On Rotation at Plant & Deck and Imaginarium back in June. His first album, re-leased in 2021, was an astonishingly good debut, both for him and the label, and this, his next, is another mighty release.... continue reading

Tony Neptune's Vinyl Record on Wooden Decking

Tony Neptune: The Long Gallery Review

Spacey sounds tell volume two of the adventures of Yuri Gagarin in an alternate universe created by Tony Neptune, an adventure that began with his first release back in 2020… continue reading